Functional Programming + Iterative Web Scraping in R

Web Scraping in R Web scraping needs no introduction among Data enthusiasts. It’s one of the most viable and most essential ways of collecting Data when the data itself isn’t available. Knowing web scraping comes very handy when you are in shortage of data or in need of Macroeconomics indicators or simply no data available for a particular project like a Word2vec / Language with a custom text dataset.

Programmatically extract TIOBE Index Ratings

TIOBE Index is an index (ranking) that claims to represent the popularity of programming languages. Yihui (The creator of blogdown package), recently wrote a blogpost titled “On TIOBE Index and the era of decision fatigue” and I strongly recommend you to go through that before continuing with this post. So the Disclaimer goes like this: This post/author doesn’t believe that TIOBE Index is a fair way to measure/present popularity of programming languages and this is writtet just to teach you how to extract/get TIOBE Index programmatically using the R package tiobeindexr