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Despite all the memes around Microsoft Excel, Excel is still a powerful tool for quick and fast data transformation, data preprocessing (forget about the date thing 😉 ). This post is my attempt to tell an Excel person how they can replicate some of their most frequently used operation like VLOOKUP (Fuzzy) using R. We perform VLOOKUP’s approximate match first on Excel and replicate the same task on RStudio using stringdist_left_join() Fuzzy left join from the R package {fuzzyjoin}

Analyse Google Trends Search Data in R using {gtrendsR}

As much as Google is popular for searching information on the web, Google can also provide information (meta) about those searches. Google Search Insights can be extremely helpful in Marketing Analytics, Market Research, Understanding Customer Demands, Trends and so on. While usual Market Researches or someone interested in Google Search Information would go to Google Trends website, Being a programmer you can extract the same information programmatically to use in your Data Science Workflow or to set up an Automation.

GET Hackernews Front Page Results using REST API in R

Whenever we talk about Data Collection, We usually think about Web Scraping. What’s often forgotten is that a lot of websites / web apps usually offer API to access their data in the right way. This video tutorial explains how you can use httr package to use GET requests (REST API Calls) to collected data from Hacker News, a very popular website for Tech News. The objective of this post it that it can outline how to simple use httr’s GET() to start making REST API calls and also to parse the response object and extract desired data.

Automated Programmatic Website Screenshots in R with {webshot} [Video Tutorial]

In this video tutorial, We explore the R package {webshot} by Winston Chang. This package internally uses phantom js to capture screenshot of web pages / websites, Shiny Applications, RMarkdown documents. {webshot} also lets you take screenshot of a particular viewport or a section of website selected by css selector. Youtube: Please subscribe and leave a comment if you have any feedback. I’m new for this Video making so any suggestion/feedback to improve would be a great benefit!