Easy ggplot2 Theme customization with {ggeasy}

In this post, We’ll learn about {ggeasy} an R package by Jonathan Carroll. The goal of {ggeasy} is to help R programmers make ggplot2 theme customizations with simple-easy English functions. (much easier than playing with theme()) We use dataset generated by {fakir} for this tutorial.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/iAH1GJoBZmI

Video Tutorial



# generate dataset

clients <- fakir::fake_ticket_client(100)

# rotate x axis labels

clients %>% 
  count(state) %>% 
  ggplot() + geom_col(aes(state,n)) +

# color the text and increase text size

clients %>% 
  count(state) %>% 
  ggplot() + geom_col(aes(n,state), fill = "orange") +
  easy_text_color("orange") +
  easy_text_size(25, teach = TRUE) 

# move legend position

clients %>% 
  count(state, source_call) %>%# View()
  ggplot() + geom_col(aes(n,state, fill = source_call)) +
  #easy_move_legend("bottom", teach = TRUE)
  theme(legend.position = "bottom")

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