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Quick Intro to Reproducible Example in R with reprex

This video quickly introduces you to an amazing R package called reprex that helps in generating Reproducible Example which could be useful in a lot of places like Github issues, Stack Overflow Question and Answers, R-dev mailing list or simply to share your problem with someone or Teaching! Link:

How to Connect RStudio with Git (Github)

This video explains how to connect your RStudio with Git (Github) for a better R Programming / Software Development Workflow. It could be as big as updating a package file or as simple as managing a simple repo. This video also shows how can you clone a repo, commit a change and push it back to its master on Github. Youtube Link:

How to use bootstraplib's Live Theme Previewer to customize Shiny apps?

One of the announcements of RStudio conf 2020 that caught my eyes is a brand new package {bootstraplib} - . It’s another open-source contribution from RStudio (a PBC). {bootstraplib} basically provides tools for theming shiny and rmarkdown from R via Bootstrap (3 or 4) Sass. If you’re not aware of Bootstrap, it’s one of the most popular (open-source) css framework available on the web. While {bootstraplib} has got a lot of things, this post is going to be about one thing that I love the most which is “Live Theme Preview” where we can simply edit the values of CSS properties and see the change in Real time.

How to create Bar Race Animation Charts in R

Bar Race Animation Charts have started going Viral on Social Media leaving a lot of Data Enthusiasts wondering how are these Bar Race Animation Charts made. The objective of this post is to explain how to build such Bar Race Animation Charts using R — R with the power of versatile packages. Packages The packages that are required to build animated plots in R are: ggplot2 gganimate While those above two are the essential packages, We have also used the entire tidyverse, janitor and scales in this project for Data Manipulation, Cleaning and Formatting.